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Planning Your Retirement Income To Reach Your Goals


Let's Begin Plotting Your Retirement

Based in Portland, OR and Serving Clients Across the Nation

Mark Sharp Retirement is a fee-only, digital-first firm focused on building tax-efficient retirement saving and income strategies for clients. Our job is to help you confidently retire from yours.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Retirement Income Planning that Addresses Risks and Matches Your Goals

When you work with me, I'll help make sure your future income needs are met so you can enjoy your life past employment to the fullest extent. I’ll also make sure you are aware of and know how to properly treat the risks that pose the greatest threat to your retirement security. After we’ve met your income needs and your addressed risks, we’ll show you a pathway to achieve other financial goals that make for a well-rounded retirement.

Tax-Efficient Planning to Avoid Costly Mistakes During Retirement

We believe focusing on the things you can control offer the greatest benefits to your retirement. Tax planning is a core component of comprehensive retirement income planning. I'll review all potential tax implications that could negatively impact your retirement security so you’re well-prepared for filing season and everything in-between. From exploiting tax-saving opportunities to implementing proactive efficient withdrawal strategies, I'll help ensure the financial decisions you make avoid potential tax consequences while increasing after-tax retirement income. 

Transform Your Wealth into Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle

A key way to accumulate additional retirement income, investing is a vital aspect of any retirement income plan. Before crafting a strategy, I'll sit down and discuss your retirement income needs, risks and goals so I have a clear understanding of your main concerns and priorities. After these aspects have been outlined and agreed upon, I'll design an investment strategy centered around your objectives to help make sure every dollar you invest maximizes after-tax retirement income.

If You are In or Approaching Retirement

We can help answer some of the most pressing retirement planning questions such as:


Can I realistically retire?


Much can I afford to spend in my retirement?


Tax strategies offer the most savings?


Are some ways I can acquire more income?


Should I be investing my money?


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Are You Retirement Ready?

Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn how to better organize your finances, clarify what you can and cannot to pay for, and obtain peace of mind for the needs that you can meet to live comfortably during your golden years.



6 in 10 

workers feel at least somewhat stressed about preparing for retirement

2019 Employee Benefit Research Institute Retirement Confidence Survey

Don’t Be a Statistic

Far too many workers are feeling less confident in their ability to live comfortably in retirement.

I’m here to change that.

As your retirement years quickly approach, your concerns begin to shift from saving for retirement to planning for retirement income. And that all begins with a comprehensive retirement income plan that meets two key income goals:

  • Replacing a paycheck with a predictable level of lifetime retirement income to meet your necessary expenses
  • Generating stable sources of income for those unexpected expenses

This exclusive webinar with Mark Sharp, CFP®, EA will take a look at FIVE must-do actions to take to secure your retirement income for a lifetime.

Hosted By:

Mark Sharp CFP®, EA
Mark Sharp Retirement

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