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The Best Years of Your Life


Begin with a personalized retirement savings and income plan built around your unique needs, goals and vision for the future.

Retire With Confidence

Based in Portland, OR and Serving Clients Across the Nation

Financial Planning Done Right is a fee-only, tax-aware firm serving those planning for retirement and retirees. From identifying new sources of income to resolving your retirement concerns, we’ll help make sure the actions you take now lead you to the retirement of your dreams later on.

Meet Mark Sharp, CFP®, EA 

Connect Your Money to the Resources Most Important to You

Through our customized retirement income strategies.

When you work with us, we can help make sure your future needs are met so you can enjoy your life past employment to the fullest extent. With pro-activity at our core, we’ll continuously review your finances and seek out new ways you can acquire additional income so you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of. Your dedicated resource for financial advice, we’ll educate you on the decisions most vital to your success.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Unwanted Tax Surprises

With planning focused on minimizing future headaches.

The core of our financial planning services, we’ll review all potential tax implications that could negatively impact your financial security during your retirement so you’re well-prepared for filing season and everything in-between. From uncovering new benefits to implementing proactive tax-saving strategies, we’ll help ensure the financial decisions you make avoid potential tax consequences. 

Transform Your Wealth into Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle

With our goal-driven investment approach.

A key way to accumulate additional retirement income, investing is a vital aspect of any retirement savings or income plan. Before crafting our strategy, we’ll sit down and discuss your retirement goals so we have a clear understanding of your main concerns and priorities. After these aspects have been outlined and agreed upon, we’ll design an investment strategy centered around your objectives to help make sure every dollar you invest gets you closer to your ideal retirement lifestyle.

If You're Approaching Retirement or Are Already Retired

We can help answer some of the most pressing retirement planning questions such as:


Can I realistically retire?


Much can I spend in my retirement?


Tax strategies offer the most savings?


Are some ways I can acquire more income?


Should I be investing my money?


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