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Option 1: Retirement Planner

The Retirement Readiness Income Planner solves the two most common retirement challenges faced by those approaching and in retirement -  saving for a target lifestyle and converting savings into a desired lifestyle. Notable features include:

  • Retirement Planning Portal Life-Time Access.
  • Retirement Preparedness Evaluation.
  • Lifestyle-to-Savings Target Planning.
  • Savings-to-Lifestyle Income Planning.
  • Pre and Post Retirement Investment Planning.
  • Optimized Income Distribution Strategy.
  • Medicare Decision Planning.
  • Retirement Risk Mitigation Planning.

what you can expect from me

  • Two consultations to assess your needs and to present your solution.
  • Retirement Planning Portal. Click here to see it in action.
  • Retirement Readiness Income Planner Summary. Click here to see a sample.


  • This process is a collaboration. So, I expect you to provide information and share your thoughts in a timely manner, and to reach out to me when life happens.
  • We work virtually, so we conduct all meetings online or on the phone.