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Benefits of Working with
a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

You might be asking yourself:

What does it mean to be a fee-only financial ADVISER?

It means:

  • We are fiduciaries obligated to put your desire to make money ahead of our desire to make money from you.
  • No bait and switch. We boldly show our pricing. What you see is what you pay. Period.
  • As an advice-only firm you pay only for the advice we provide you - nothing else.
  • Our independence allows us to recommend the products and services best suited to meet your needs no matter who provides them.
  • You will never pay us for selling you product because we sell only our services. 
  • You are the only one who we receive payment from, meaning there are fewer conflicts of interest.
  • Our main job is to give you the best advice possible, regardless of its impact on our compensation.
  • We're not motivated by a commission based on product sales or services.
  • We offer flat-rate hourly, project and retainer pricing no matter the complexity, asset or income levels.