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Option 1: Retirement Planner

The Retirement Readiness Income Planner solves the most common retirement challenge faced by those approaching and in retirement - generating sustainable retirement income throughout retirement . Notable features include:

  • Industry-tested strategies to create stable income and help meet goals and address risks.
  • Insightful retirement feasibility to choose the optimal retirement age.
  • Optimized social security claiming age guidance appropriate for your situation.
  • Tax-efficient distribution strategy to generate a predictable level of lifetime retirement income.
  • Comprehensive retirement savings planning that strikes a balance between meeting goals while minimizing risks.
  • Customized portfolio planning to ensure its structured to best support retirement through both market ups and downs.
  • Careful tax planning to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient manner.
  • Advanced retirement risks mitigation strategy to identify and address uncertainties that pose the greatest threat to your retirement.
  • Impactful medicare choice guidance to make  informed decisions on the proper coverage to meet planned and unplanned retirement health care costs.

what you can expect from me

  • One comprehensive, coordinated Retirement Income Plan.
  • Two consultations to assess your needs and to present your solution.
  • One-time complimentary 60-minute follow up retirement review and revise consultation.
  • Independent review of your current retirement strategy relative to your income needs, goals and objectives.
  • Life-time access to an online Personal Financial Management (PFM) system that helps you manage your money.
  • Retirement Income Planner Summary.


  • This process is a collaboration. So, I expect you to provide information and share your thoughts in a timely manner, and to reach out to me when life shows up.
  • We are a digital-first firm, so we conduct all meetings online or on the phone.

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