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Investing Isn’t Just About Growing Your Money

It’s about putting the money you have in the places that offer the most possibilities.

Our Approach:

We place your life at the center of the conversation and treat your investments as a tool to help get you on the right path.

guiding principals

Markets Work

On any given day, global markets may appear chaotic and imperfect but, in the aggregate, they work. To capture the value and growth generated in the market you need to be in it when it happens. Play the long game.

Cost and Taxes Matter

Investing is simple, but taxes aren’t. As an EA, I make portfolios as tax-efficient as possible. I advise clients the goal isn’t to pay the least amount of taxes, but to make the most money after fees and taxes. Every dollar you spend on fees and taxes is one less dollar for you.

Risk and return are inextricably related

If you want to preserve what you've got, take less risk. With less risk, there is less return. If your goal is to accumulate more wealth over time, you may need to assume more risk.  We believe the primary role of fixed income (bonds) is to preserve what you have while you take more risk (where you're paid for that risk) on the stock or equity side. There is no free lunch.

Goals-driven investing 

We are a goal-driven investment planning firm where investment performance is measured by the success of investments in meeting an individual's personal and lifestyle goals, not by some arbitrary benchmark. This approach results in a focus of the investment approach shifting from achieving a higher returns approach to funding a personal financial goals approach. Plan first, then invest.

Diversification Is Key

Without any risk, there is little reward.  Still it can be daunting when risk appears. Diversifying your wealth across a variety of markets helps smooth the ride - so you can stay the course even when markets start to look (and you feel) skittish.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Small-ball Strategy Wins the Day

Expecting the financial equivalent of a home run in investing is unreasonable, risky and a threat to achieving goals and long-term financial stability. The small-ball strategy doesn’t focus on rare, showy, and hard-to-predict events, but on making small, relatively easy-to-repeat moves that compound into positive results over time. There is no silver-bullet investment strategy.

No one event will make or break your investments

Avoiding knee-jerk decisions, re-balancing when the markets require it and aligning your capital with your values. The actions you take (or don't) can impact your portfolio as much as anything else.

Investments are just one part of a sound financial plan

Sound financial planning provides a comprehensive view of you and your family, your most important goals and concerns.  It addresses retirement, tax, risk and estate planning as well.  The portfolio should serve the plan and the plan should serve you. Your investment portfolio is NOT your financial plan.

asset dedication is key

The problem with traditional asset allocation is it uses formulas that are often removed from how you think about your money and when you will need it. Asset dedication is a customized investment strategy driven directly by your personal financial goals, not arbitrary allocations based on risk assessment alone. You have to have a clear vision why you're investing.

Asset Location Is Important

Given recent research has shown effective asset location strategies can add increased value to annual returns, it’s not just about allocation of the assets to build a diversified portfolio now, but also about the locations in which to place those diversified investments. Location matters.